Partner with Proactive

the RTO Benefits

Business/Enterprise partnerships can be a key to sustaining the future success of Proactive, by enabling us to work with local industry to train individuals for available jobs.

Align Training with Local Need

Partnerships ensure that the education and training being provided by Proactive is better aligned to local labour markets. This allows the RTO to become an asset to local businesses and regional industries.

Place Students in Jobs

If one measure of success is student job placement, business partnerships begin an essential workforce cycle, creating more opportunities to place students in jobs. As RTOs align training with business needs and begin to funnel students to jobs, more businesses become interested in the qualified candidates and more students are interested in enrolling in the program if they see that graduates obtain jobs.

Help with Instructor Training and Curriculum

When curriculum is developed with an understanding of the industry and is in line with business needs, Proactive can rely on businesses to help decide what makes a good candidate and a successful employee in the field, instead of shooting in dark. Instructor training can also ensure that the RTO’s facilitators are providing the most up-to-date training to students.

Receive Access to Cutting-Edge Equipment

Many businesses will upgrade and improve equipment on a regular basis to maintain their competitive edge. By partnering with businesses, Proactive can ensure that their students are being trained on the most up-to-date equipment, often in “real life” conditions.

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