About Us

About Us


Proactive is a well-known and respected brand. We are recognised in our sector of education as being fair, flexible, professional and innovative trainers. Our core values are evident because we live by them and act accordingly in all decisions relating to our students, customers, suppliers and team members.


It’s all about people. Performance teams start with the right people and we are continually looking for people who embrace our core values to join our team; we employ people with a Thirst for Learning and who are always striving to improve.

  • We have the most empowered & empowering team
  • Care and compliance are part of our everyday attitude
  • Our classes are filled with students excited to learn & grow
  • We have a culture of responsibility not accountability and we strive to deliver a fair work – life balance
  • We celebrate success and learning


Our values set us apart from others and provide guidance for making every day decisions. We achieve our goals by consistently living our values:

Respect Everyone

We understand that the little things we do can make all the difference to others therefore:

  • We always do what we say we will
  • We care for the people around us
  • We are authentic and take responsibility for our actions and outcomes
  • We embrace diversity
  • We acknowledge everyone’s commitment & participation

Think Big

Growth is fundamental to our success therefore:

  • We have a ‘Can Do’ attitude – always prepared to give it a go
  • We are constantly improving and refining – What can I do next?
  • We search for better ways to support our students, clients & team - What can I do better?
  • We are loud about who we are and what we are good at

Good to Great

We set high standards and aim to be the best therefore:

  • We celebrate our wins
  • We do things we are passionate about
  • We embrace Fast, Efficient, Reliable systems
  • We are focused on success and creating great experiences for everyone Win/Win or No Deal

Thirst for Learning

Learning is why we exist therefore:

  • We encourage & reward innovation
  • We inspire others to learn

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