Partner with Proactive

The Business Benefits

Businesses with strong training partnerships see the clear advantages, with access to a pool of qualified and skilled candidates.

Remove the Hiring Guesswork

Hiring can be time-consuming and drain resources. When individuals have access to the skills training valued by businesses, they enter employment better prepared to meet their employer’s expectations.

For businesses, they can be assured individuals will meet their skill requirements, since they worked with an experienced training partner to provide input or develop the training program.

Get Workers with Desired Skills

Partnerships help businesses ensure they are bringing on incoming workers who have been trained with an understanding of their skills needs. Businesses know the students have the required skills, credentials and training as a direct result of an orchestrated partnership.

Create a Ready-Made Worker Pipeline and Retain Workers Longer

Partnerships allow businesses to put a training program in place, creating a continual pipeline of new employees and a capacity to train-up current employees. By building and adapting the partnerships, businesses can create a pipeline to access the skilled workers they need. For many companies, these programs have also led to increased employee retention.

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