Partner with Proactive

the Community Benefits

When partnerships are working well, full communities and regions can enjoy economic growth.

Grow the Regional Economy

Business-RTO partnerships can play a role in the future economic growth of the community. A community with strong ‘‘partnership programs is a community with the ability to sustain and grow strong businesses with deep ties to the local workforce.

Greater Understanding of Local Industries

Partnerships can play a key role in informing the community about the training needs and opportunities in local industries. This includes the community learning about significant hiring needs, or getting residents to develop new thinking about what jobs in the skilled trades look like today.

Ensure Worker Pipeline to Lure New Business Growth

The skills and quality of the local workforce is a big consideration for companies as they determine expansions or relocations. Business-RTO partnerships demonstrate a ready-made worker pipeline that can act as an incentive that communities can use as they look to create future business growth. Partnerships also offer communities the ability to retain talented workers in the area because the jobs are there, instead of having them leave the region.

The Student Benefits The RTO Benefits