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Staff working in customer service have had quite a rough couple of years, and now that things are finally starting to return to COVID-normal – many of the workforce are finding that after a long hiatus, returning to a physical workplace is quite challenging. What better way to brush up on customer service than a dedicated in-person workshop? You can find out more here.

To be held at the VET Development Centre on Tuesday 17 May 2022, 9:00am – 4:00pm, this workshop is being presented by Michael Harrington, and discusses some of the challenges in providing excellence in service, as well has highlighting strategies that enable said excellence.

We all know that the quality of the customer service experienced exists in the mind of the client – it’s not exactly up to us to decide if someone else enjoyed themselves after all!

The quality of service a customer receives is determined by the customer’s own perspective – and we can’t change someone’s perspective. Once a client has made up their mind about their quality of service, we can’t really change that. The past is in the past, so how do we do better?

We focus on improving and maintaining the service we provide – so that what’s received by the customer has the best chance of coming across how we meant it.

Participants in this workshop should expect to gain an understanding of the importance of creating a positive first impression, the importance of professional speech and habits, and the importance of always dealing with complaints professionally.

Participants will also learn how to identify different types of clients they deal with, and how to effectively deal with them. As well as how to identify effective strategies that promote professional, customer-centred communication both via the telephone and face to face.

Do you work in customer service? Need to brush up on your service skills? Coming back to working face-to-face is tricky – and this workshop is here to make that transition easier.

Readers can register here to attend.

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