Training Top 125 Best Practice: Inc.’s Worry-Free University

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To increase Customer Satisfaction scores, the company brought Client Services training back in-house, overhauling the program to be shorter, more relevant, interactive, and available on-demand.

In 2018, Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and business cloud e-mail provider Inc. noticed that the Client Services team was not achieving the company’s Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) goal. So for 2019, made one of its top corporate goals “providing a ‘Worry-Free Experience’ to all customers, meaning that it always makes it easier to do business with Intermedia on all calls.

The COO/CRO, senior director of Technical Support, and senior manager of the Learning & Development team met to determine the cause of the decreased CSAT scores. With CSAT survey scores being broken up into different categories, was able to determine that the biggest causes of the lower overall scores were average time on calls, employee concern for the customers’ issues, and employee courtesy on the call. These issues affected several departments, including Support, Billing, and Onboarding teams, and, thus, became a high priority.

The company determined that the third-party training in place that covered those topics was not effective. Employee feedback indicated the training was too long (four hours or more), and many of the topics didn’t apply specifically to the learner’s current job responsibilities. Senior management agreed to overhaul the training and bring it in-house with the goal of creating a shorter, more effective (i.e., higher retention of information), and cost-saving training.

Program Details

One hundred percent of the new training’s content is related to’s processes and procedures. The training features interactivity in quizzes and slides and call scenarios. And the length of the training was greatly reduced by removing unrelated content. In addition, the new training is both desktop and mobile friendly to allow the course to be taken anytime and anywhere. Content is reinforced during regular one-on-one meetings between agents and their managers, with the training always available for review.


Replacing the third-party training with the new training for just two employees resulted in a 41 percent cost savings. The training time per employee decreased nearly 68 percent, allowing them to spend more time on the phone with customers. And the overall average CSAT score increased nearly 7 percent and is now above the targeted goal.