New VET teacher resource on VOCED

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At NCVER’s No frills conference this year, they launched a new VET practitioner resource.

So, what’s in it?

The VET Practitioner Resource is a living, breathing resource that NCVER will continue to develop and update on an ongoing basis. In this first iteration it has three focus points. The first includes teaching, learning and assessment resources. They aim “to present links to information and resources to support practitioners in their daily work.” The focal areas are assessment, teaching and learning, and inclusive education and training – especially for those with a disability or from culturally diverse backgrounds, regulation, curriculum and training content – including accessing and using Training Packages and open education resources, and – finally – foundation skills.

The second set of resources focus on the VET workforce. This includes a profile of the VET workforce and research and other resources that look at aspects of VET practitioners’ working lives.

The final set of resources, entitled ‘Practitioners as researchers’ are aimed at helping VET practitioners access and conduct research. We also hope to highlight more about practitioner research skills in later VDC News issues.

They want your feedback

Feedback and suggestions on the resources are welcomed by the team at VOCED, and you can do that here. Finally, there is also a Guide to navigating the resources that VDC News readers may find useful.

New VET teacher resource on VOCED | VDC