2018 VDC Teaching and Learning Conference

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Introducing : Jason Renshaw

Keynote Presenter: Intersection of innovation and creativity

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Innovation is both an over-used term and one that many educators feel – given the compliance and workload hurdles they need to overcome on a daily basis – isn’t necessarily something they have the remit, scope and time to embrace.

Jason Renshaw will be presenting at the 2018 VDC Teaching and Learning Conference on Intersection of innovation and creativity.

Jason makes the argument that it is precisely these constrictions and limitations that make innovation and creative practice more important than ever. He will present some practical frameworks for thinking about creativity and innovation, with particular emphasis on the importance of finding and exploiting intersections between diverse domains.

It is pointless to think about future opportunities if we can’t manage practically today – and vice versa: it is pointless to manage practically today if we can’t imagine future opportunities.

Jason has more than 20 years’ experience leading the design and delivery of innovative education frameworks across primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational and corporate settings in sectors diverse as education, business, community services, health, engineering, finance, medicine and law. He is particularly noted for his work with digital learning environments and delivering high touch learning experiences at scale. Jason is currently the General Manager for Learning, Culture and Capability at Australian Unity. Prior to this he was the Chief Learning Innovation Officer at the Australian School of Applied Management.

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