The VOCED database: All there is to know about VET

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NCVER has just released a VET Knowledge Bank as part of its VOCED database. One of its new features is a timeline of VET policy initiatives from 1998 to 2017.

The Knowledge Bank is a ‘work in progress’, and eventually will include a range of valuable features and information. However, if you have not explored all that VOCED has to offer before it is well worth a look. It is a fabulous resource for the curious VET practitioner, researcher or other stakeholder. Because of that VOCED is very ‘bookmarkable’.

The policy timeline

This interactive policy timeline tracks VET policies, programs and other initiatives over a 20-year period. The timeline is searchable by state and territory, as well as nationally.

In addition to being searchable, the timeline has identified a number of categories of information likely to be topical for users. The categories covered include VET reform, economic imperatives, regulation, participation, VET in schools and apprentices and trainees. It also charts key government events at both the federal and jurisdictional levels.

The emerging Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank is well worth bookmarking. It currently includes a Glossary of VET terms and acronyms, to make sure you know your ‘ACOTAFE’ from your ‘ACPET’. There is also an overview of the Australian VET system called ‘Getting to Know VET’.

A range of other features are in the pipeline. These include a history of VET and a set of landmark VET and higher education. The Bank will also enable you to find other useful resources and organisations when fully developed.

Other really useful stuff on VOCED

While the new Knowledge Bank will be a very valuable resource, there are lots of other useful materials that can be sourced through VOCED.

One of the most useful features is its search function, but other aspects are great too. Its key advantage is being international, so that if you are looking for material from VET systems and agencies overseas, you can find them.

It indexes the papers from a range of Australian and international conferences. The thematically arranged  ‘Pods’ they have developed ‘harvest’ VET research and resources on a wide range of topics and are also very valuable. Topics include teaching and learning, equity, foundation skills, pathways, youth transitions, career and workforce development, policy and governance, industry, apprenticeships and traineeships, quality and standards. There are also a range of ‘Podlets’ which are even more specific. Check it out!

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