Taking the data pulse in your industry area

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VET providers have a new source of training, employment and industry data

The Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) has launched the National Industry Insights Report, which you can access from the AISC’s home page. According to the AISC, the Insights Report:

‘…is a collection of information, data and insights for individual industry sectors. It captures industry information about skills, training and employment and the labour market.  The resource supports Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to ensure the design and development of training packages meets the current and future skills needs of industry.’

Nine industry areas are covered. For example:

  • Community Services industry and its four main industry sectors: Community Sector and Development; Client Services; Children’s Education and Care; and Direct Client Care.

Data with diverse uses, from careers conversations to strategic planning

While the data will support the AISC’s Industry Reference Committees, it can also support VET practitioners in critical areas ranging from instructional design to discussions with current and prospective students about career plans, employment goals and training outcomes.

The data can also be a useful input to VET provider strategic planning and can help target professional development for provider staff.

A quick survey of one industry report – that covering Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Design – indicates what’s in each report. Sections include:

  • Skills forecasts
  • An industry cluster snapshot showing employment by industry, by VET-related occupations, and by training activity (national VET enrolments and completions) from 2014-206
  • Industry insights, which includes priority skills, and skills and occupations in demand
  • An extensive list of industry and employee associations, and a short list of research relevant to training needs in the industry.

Take advantage of the level of detail

You can access more detailed information about each of the industry’s five sub-sectors: Dance; Live Performance and Entertainment; Music; Screen and Media; and Visual Arts, Craft and Design. This detail is available via links at the top right of the landing page for each industry report. For example, by following the Screen and Media sector link, you find that:

  • By 2022, the number of jobs across Australia for graphic and web designers and illustrators is expected to increase by around 16,000
  • Victoria has the lion’s share of national program enrolments for Screen and Media (35 per cent), with NSW and Queensland coming in at around 17 per cent apiece
  • The top priority skills for the sub-sector include specialist technical skills, creative and critical thinking, communication and relationship building, and small business and contracting skills
  • The top 5 occupations in demand in motion picture and sound recording are actor, media producer, painter (visual arts), camera operator, and multimedia designer.

The information for each area is rich, and often intriguing. The Industry Insights Report will soon be joined by a National Overview report which is currently in development.

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