CEO Message: Emotional Intelligence

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ceo message: emotional intelligence

“Leading Emotionally Intelligent in the workplace”, to help you grow emotional competencies in your organisation

As the VET workplace continues to evolve, making room for new technologies and innovations, VDC has been looking into options that can help you in this changing environment. It’s no secret that leaders with emotional intelligence are better able to work in teams, adjust to change and be flexible. Growing emotional intelligence as a competency and going beyond the individual to become something a group or entire organisation can build and use collectively has become increasingly important.

To assist your organisation to be the best that it can be in terms of human and business effectiveness, VDC is offering Leading Emotionally Intelligent Workplace for the first time on 21 November 2016 in Melbourne. The sessions are an engaging attempt to connect emotions and human performance to day-to-day workplace challenges register now.


martin powell
Martin Powell
Chief Executive Officer

CEO Message: Emotional Intelligence | VDC